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Rick Love: Following Jesus in a Glocalized World

This podcast is from Friday, February 4, 2011 at the SVS annual conference in Seattle, WA.

Rick Love shares “Following Jesus in a Glocalized World: Bearers of Blessing to Neighbors and Nations” in the panel on Global Christianity and Global Faith.


Rick Love is part of the Blessing Muslims Initiative in Vineyard USA and serves as the President of Peace Catalyst International, an organization devoted to “Catalyzing peacemaking initiatives, for multi-dimensional reconciliation, in the way of Jesus.”

Rick lived in Indonesia for nine years as an English teacher, while doing doctoral research, and has travelled extensively. He has written two books and numerous articles on Christian-Muslim relations. He holds a Th.M. in New Testament studies, a D.Min. in urban studies, and a Ph.D. in intercultural studies. His previous roles as a Vineyard pastor and then as a CEO of an international faith-based organization has given him ample opportunity to develop his peacemaking skills.


He has conducted postdoctoral study in peacemaking at the Yale University Center for Faith and Culture. He serves on the executive team for the World Evangelical Alliance Peace and Reconciliation Initiative and on the steering team for Evangelicals for Human Rights. He also serves as a consultant for Christian-Muslim relations in the Vineyard, USA. Find out more about Rick at


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